Cancer Revealed

Around Easter of 2017, it was disclosed to me that I have breast cancer.  Breast cancer is similar to melatonin type of cancer.  My uncle has melatonin cancer at this time as well.  He found out about his cancer around February 2017.  My other uncle or my mom’s other brother has been fighting different types of cancers for the past 20 years.  He was first diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma and then prostrate cancer.  The prostrate cancer has been difficult for my uncle to shake.  Because my type of cancer is a fast moving malignant type of cancer, it was recommended that it be removed as soon as possible.  The surgery was scheduled for April 28th.  However, on the day of the surgery, it was found that my mother was sick with pneumonia and was not able to be at the hospital during my surgery time.  My dad was sick as well and was placed in ICU in the hospital to address his numerous illnesses such as pneumonia.  So, I entered the surgery room without seeing my parents and I was not able to go see them to care for them.  This is the second time that this has happened to me where two family members were in different hospitals in different states.  However, I did have my husband and my son at my side before the surgery.  The surgeon removed a 2.1  centimeter lump from breast and removed 6 lymph nodes under my arm.  The centininal lymph node had a 1 centimeter malignant tumor in it.  The other lymph nodes were negative of cancer.  Because the original location of the cancer was above 2 centimeters and had moved to the centininal lymph node, the cancer is considered to be a stage 2 cancer.



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