Cancer the Six Letter Word

The word cancer entered my life in my late teens. I really didn’t understand what it was at that time but I did understand the devastation that it can cause in people’s lives.  My grandmother became very ill and later died of renal cell carcinoma.  At the time, I did not really know what cancer met or was.  All I knew is that I missed my grandmother who was always very active until the last days before her death.  The next exposure as I remember was my aunt who passed away of cancer and then my grandfather passed away of breast cancer.  Around about 4 years ago my first husband passed away from renal cell carcinoma.  This list does not include my former mother in law battling cancer and my former father in law passing away of cancer.  Cancer seems to be everywhere and the question that comes to mind is why?  Is cancer something new or is it something that was there for centuries but just was not identified?


One thought on “Cancer the Six Letter Word

  1. Just know that you are loved and my family will be praying for you. Both my grandparents and my mother’s sister passed away from cancer. About a week ago I lost a friend to this horrible disease…. Why it happens…..Adam sinned and put us in a sinless stated so the results of his sin is sickness… will stop soon…..keep your faith and we are here for you!


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