Here is a link for a diet that fights cancer.

Since 1992, I have dieted for at least 6 weeks out of the year on a diet that is similar to an Atkins diet. However, my diet also included no yeast, no fungus such as no yeast risen bread or salad dressing with vinegar.  This is a difficult diet to do but as the years went by it became more and more the constant diet that I remained on to assist with maintaining my hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia.  Before this diet, I had fatigue and constantly getting sick.  By maintaining this diet, I was able to get things accomplished in life.  Here is a link to the first doctor that believed me that I was ill and hurting and who actually helped me.  He is a fantastic doctor.  I would encourage you to follow this diet or the other diet listed to assist you in being cancer free because cancer feeds off of sugar.  As mentioned, I have followed these diets for years but even the best intentions can sometimes not work especially if a person is genetically inclined towards getting cancer.


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