1st Chemo Treatment

I will have my first chemo treatment on June 2nd, 2017.  Yesterday’s office visit was not what I expected based on previous phone conversations with staff.  However, it was much better and did help me in mentally preparing for the chemo day.  They stated that each person is different regarding nausea and vomiting after chemo.  However, many individuals feel a mild change of their stomach or mild nausea.  So, I hope that I am one of these individuals with mild changes.  I will lose my hair.  I have no idea how I will look bald because I have such thick hair.  However, my old neighbor in Mesquite was going through breast cancer treatment and she always wore hats.  I could see her down the road because of her hats.  So, I’m going to wear hats too.  Have different hats for different occasions. I think it will be fun to wear hats.  Also, I want to tank everyone who has been praying for me.  It is highly appreciated.  You all are being so thoughtful and caring.  


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