Family Life

Last week on Thursday morning, my father had a seizure.  This was the first time that he had a seizure.  After this seizure, he was later placed in the hospital and it was eventually discovered that his bowels and his stomach had quit working.  Because of this, he can no longer eat or receive fluids.  So here I am watching my family begin the process of change whether we want the change or not.  The anticipation of my fathers death continues to grow thicker and heavier on my heart.  I have such mixed feelings through this crossing in my life as I have many fond memories of my father.  My most fondest is singing a duet with my father and hearing his tenor voice sing.  I miss hearing that voice so much.  But my fathers death would end the five years of him laying in bed and unable to move or speak because of a stroke. It is very challenging keeping my wits about me but I realized many years ago that God is my only constant in our life.  He is the only One who remains and listens as we go through life challenges.   Without Him, I would be a nothing but with him I realize that I can make it through life’s challenges because He has prepared me for this time in my life.    Here is an old family picture of my dad and I looking at each other and he has that grin on his face that he is up to something.  Miss him.  

One thought on “Family Life

  1. Keeping all of you in my prayers. You have the reassurance you will see him again in Heaven. Love and hugs. Susan


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