Chemo…..Ayyyy…….Tired of this Treatment

I have gone through many chemo treatments since I started this cancer treatment in my life. My family has adjusted to seeing me without hair and I have adjusted to no hair as well. As a family, we are still adjusting and budgeting to meet the out of pocket expenses of the treatments. It has been very challenging to myself and my family living with cancer. Through the week, the challenge of maintaining the weekly routine of the kids going to school and going to work is exhausting. Being fatigued or exhausted each day is an ongoing challenge. Looking for the positive throughout this adventurer is the key to making it through these treatments. Each day I say the things that I am thankful for such as my type of cancer is treatable. I will live through this to be there for my family. To many, I have a lot of energy. I’m still able to work. The doctors office says I am doing amazingly well. For me, I see this as another challenge in life and to take hold of that challenge with both hands and hanging on tight is what I need to do and keeping Christ first in all things.


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