Season of Thanksgiving!

Today was my 8th radiation treatment. Radiation is different than I thought it would be. It doesn’t hurt but it does drain my energy. Radiation kills the cells in my body at the location of the cancer. Because the location of the cancer is in my left breast and located close to my heart that each treatment of radiation, I am instructed to hold my breath in a way that the radiation beam can pin point the cancer but miss my heart. Today, I was extremely drained and feeling somewhat lethargic from radiation treatment. When my work family or co-workers called me into the conference room at the end of the day stating we had a quick meeting. I was surprised by a pile of food already prepared and ready for our Thanksgiving meal for my entire family. It was so wonderful. I only wished that I had the physical energy at that time to show them how excited I was. But when your legs are feeling heavy from additional water weight from chemo treatments and your aching from your hips down, jumping up and down with excitement is not happening. But I do want to express Thank you To my work family and I feel so blessed and thankful for knowing all of you. You are the best! Thank you for giving me another blessing and something wonderful to think about and thank God for during this Thanksgiving season!

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