Year after treatments

It has been a year after my last chemo treatment. It has been a long time since I wrote on the website. This journey through cancer treatments and full time employment was and still is difficult. Some of the things that I have noticed is some obvious ones of my hair growing back curly. Many people who seen me recently after not seeing me for a year stated that they did not recognize me at first. Another factor of not recognizing me is that I am still carrying around a lot of fluid on my body which makes me look puffy and heavier than I have been in the past. Because of the fluid build up and the effect of the chemo on my body affecting my bones and giving me bone spurs and breaking cartilage down between my joints has caused my legs and feet to constantly ache. The chemo has weaken my knees and this has created a lot of pain when I stand from a seated position. I was told in October that I had arthritis and needed knee replacement surgery. I had neither condition before chemo. The chemo also affected my balance and feeling in my feet. Because of this, I have fallen many times. James my son, caught me one time while at the movie theater from falling. Falling can be a very scary event and embarrassing. I am still learning to lean on my family and friends more. I’m still too independent at times. I love my family and this cancer treatment process has been difficult on them as well.

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