Meeting Oncology for the First Time

Today, I met with Oncology to find out the plan of action regarding my cancer treatment.  My appointment was the first appt. of the day and I realized upon leaving that this was a good thing because the waiting room was packed with people with standing room only.  Wow, what I saw was a lot of hurting people waiting to receive treatment.  One lady in the waiting room was skin and bones and obviously hurting physically and emotionally.  She really needed a big hug and someone to carry her burdens.  She was alone and I was thankful for my family that was there with me today for my appointment.  Often, I thought that I don’t belong here at this place but then these thoughts changed quickly when I realized that this place will soon become like a second home for me.  So here I go, starting cancer treatments of chemo and radiation.  Because my cancer is an aggressive form of cancer and because of my family history of cancer, my treatments are an aggressive form of chemo and then radiation.  I will have 2 types of chemotherapy which will require a port for an IV process of chemo to be injected into my body.  I’m really not looking forward to the process of this treatment plan.  The chemo will take 6 months to be administered and then radiation treatments.  I was reading the care guide provided to me by Oncology and it is very detailed and comprehensive.  I usually like this type of information but today I am not that happy about the details that I am reading.  The only thing that comes to mind is that I may not have any control over the circumstances regarding this cancer but I do have control over my attitude and my thoughts and keeping these thoughts positive.


First blog post

I started this blog because I recently found out that I have cancer.  This is not the first time the big six letter word enter our family discussion.  My current family cancer situation is that my Uncles have cancer as well.  This word cancer brings so much anxiety into my family discussions.  Cancer seems to be close on the mind of each person within my family.   I wish I could logically think of a way to remove cancer from my body and from my family but unfortunately it has become a living situation with us.  The reason behind starting this blog is that others who are in similar situation could find some hope or peace in reading this blog and future blogs.  I will also be discussing my progress through my path of cancer and how I am living with it.  I am also writing this blog from a perspective of an individual who has family members who have passed away because of cancer.   To add to this perspective is that my first husband and the father of my children passed away of cancer.  The word cancer seems to have engulfed my family and I hope I can assist other families with this blog and the writings of my perspective as a current survivor and as a counselor.  Please feel free to post your questions, concerns regarding cancer and how to get through it and how to help a love one get through it.   I can say that watching a person going through the process of cancer treatments is awful but somehow we must continue with life and be the person that God would have us to be during this time of our life.

The Big statement “You have CANCER”